How Can Dental Crowns & Bridges Save Your Smile

How Can Dental Crowns & Bridges Save Your Smile Having a smile you are proud of is something that can help you boost your confidence. Each one of us is different, and so are our smiles. But for people who are self-conscious about how they look with chipped or damaged teeth, the solution they might […]

Dental Extraction Care (with Arabic instructions)

Dental Extraction Care After your dental extraction, it’s important to take care and let a blood clot to form, to stop the bleeding and begin the healing process. Bite on a gauze pad (place over each surgical site) changing it for 30-60 minutes until the bleeding stops completely. Light oozing is normal throughout the day of […]

Dental Crown in Toongabbie

Dental Crown in Toongabbie One of the common dental procedures available at the Toongabbie Dental Clinic is the dental crown. A Dental Crown is actually a “cap”, which is shaped like a tooth, and it is placed over a compromised tooth so that it not only gets size, shape, and appearance back, but it also becomes stronger. […]

Root Canal Treatments in Toongabbie

Root Canal Treatments in Toongabbie Is your tooth causing you consistent pain? Do you suspect you may need a Root Canal Treatment? If this is the case, Dentist Near Me – Toongabbie offers one of the best root canal treatments in Toongabbie. Book now with one of the best clinical and dental professionals to handle root canal procedures. What […]